The student homes in Munich

Who are we?

The website is the homepage of the student homes in the Emanuelstr. 18, Gabelsberger Str. 91, Clemensstrasse 127 and Clemensstrasse 118 in Munich.

The student home is run privately by Ina & Oliver Fendt.
This means that the prices are a little higher - but in return you receive top student home with internet and telephone included.


Qualitätsmangement im Studentenwohnheim

We are expanding. This is how one student home in the Clemensstrasse 127 expanded into 4 student homes around Schwabing. To make sure that everything works as it should, we make sure to run a sustainable concept. Here sustainability means that we want to learn from our mistakes if we cannot avoid the mistakes completely. All this works through fast feedback through our complaint management and our quality control.

How are we different from other student homes?

The location is extremely important for anyone looking for a student home in Munich. The student homes in the Emanuelstr. 18, Gabelsberger Str. 91 and Clemensstrasse are all in the best locations of Munich: in Schwabing, right in the university-area.


We also use a different system from other student homes in Munich. You can book our rooms online - that is why we have a large number of trainees. So if you decide to do a work-experience in Munich you will quickly be able to see our advantages. You do not have to register for telephone or electricity for several months and receive DSL if you choose to live in one of our student homes. You also do not have to think about buying furniture or renovating an apartment. Do your work-experience in Munich, and have time for things other than "paperwork".

We make sure that you receive a tidy room or apartment and do not have to worry about bothersome paperwork. That is our concept.

We are here for you: even after you signed the contract.


You can contact our management under (089) 30623-0 and emergency janitors under (089) 30623-1111 anytime you have a problem.
Or you can make use of our online-system. This is where you can find a "Mietkosten-Bescheinigungen" (certificate-of-rent) for the BAFÖG and other authorities all on your own. Additionaly, this is where you can see your telephone-bill.

We are supported by qualified staff (no part-time help), a unique and individual property-management-program, and our tenants themselves, who can give us feedback to make sure that we continue to develop.