Internet in our student homes

Regarding LAN, WLAN and speed:

Many of our rooms and apartments possess LAN by cable. If this is available, it is the best and fastest way to access the internet. We do not guarantee that there will be a good Wireless LAN (WLAN) available in these rooms. WLAN is available in ALMOST all rooms through the networks SMUC (password: akademiker) or STUDENTENWOHNHEIME-MUC (no password required).

LAN by cable is always the best quality. Second best is Norm AC, then WLAN in 5GHz. All accesspoints of the Norm AC have 5AC somewhere in their name (for example: STUDENT_CAP_5AC) and are very fast. STUDENT_CAP5 is WLAN in 5GHz,it is also good. The area having WLAN in 2GHz is not very fast, since many people use it. These are called STUDENTENWOHNHEIME-MUC or STUDENT_CAP.

The advantage of STUDENTENWOHNHEIME-MUC or STUDENT_CAP is that they are available in all rooms and apartments, no matter which building, and are also accessable through your Smartphone.
The 5GHz accesspoints are a lot faster, but do not allow ROAMING. This means that they have a different name in every new part of the building.

Regarding how to use it and the speed:

We measure your internet use of the last 15 days, and we measure it daily. Those who used less internet than the average user will receive the fastest and best internet, and those who used 3 times the amount than the average user have the worst internet.
There are 3 more categories between these two, depending on how much you use the internet. Filesharing is forbidden in Germany and will get you into the worst category very quickly.

If you have more than one computer/phone/tablet:

Every resident is allowed 5 devices.
1 fast device, such as a laptop, which you have to sign under the user name VPN????@STUDENT (depending on your VPN number). You can choose any of your devices to receive the fastest internet.
4 slower devices, which you have to sign in under the user name VPN????@PHONE (depending on your VPN number). These devices will only receive 4MBit.


Internet is available in all our houses. Some apartments in the Gabelsberger Str., Clemensstrasse 118 and in the large rooms of the Emanuelstrasse, internet is available through LAN cable, all others use WLAN. The WLAN reception is available in all rooms or apartments that do not have LAN by cable. However, some cheap or old laptops do not have the best antennas, and will not be able to receive the same signal in all parts of the room. In our experience, USB-WLAN-sticks always work very well to extend the signal to all parts of the rooms.

The settings are easily explained: Everything is on Windows-standards.
This means: AUTOMATC IP Address.
Usually, our HOTSPOTS are either called STUDENTENWOHNHEIM or IMMOFENDT, ending with the position. For example: STUDENTENWOHNHEIM2OG.

Internet on your smartphone

Times change, and of course we make sure to change with them since we work with ISO 9001 quality.
That is why you can use our internet system with one smartphone together with your computer. The additional access is a little slower, but works the same wayas the normal access: either by logging in through the web or through PPPoE.

To make sure that our system recognizes the second access you have to sign in using VPNxxxx@phone. The password does not change.


Connecting through PPPoE: (recommended)

Windows10: find out here how to connect using PPPoE

Windows7: Create a PPPoE connection to the Internet
The Connect to the Internet wizard will guide you%nbsp; through the steps of setting up a Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet%nbsp; (PPPoE) Internet connection.

  • Open the Connect to the Internet wizard by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Network and Internet, clicking Network and Sharing Center, clicking Set up a connection or network, and then clicking Connect to the Internet.
    On the How do you want to connect? page, select Broadband (PPPoE).
    Continue to follow the steps in the wizard. Your Name is like VPN0000 means VPN and a 4 Digit number. your password is printed in your contract.

Apple macbook

find out here how to connect using PPPoE on you APPLE macbook


Another method is using the HOTSPOT:

When opening any website, our internet login page will appear: no matter which website you type in. This is where you can enter your VPN-number and your password. For example: VPN1234@STUDENT and 0000 as password. After doing this you will be redirected to the website you originally typed in, providing that your browser allows it. If you receive an error message, just enter the website again.

Remember that programs like SKYPE only work after you have signed in.

If the internet does not work

Check whether you have signed in using one of the above methods.

What do I have to consider when using LAN by cable?

Make sure that you use the correct outlet. Sometimes there are two   identical boxes in one room. If need be, test them using the telephone. If you cannot call someone when connected to one of the outlets, just try the other one.


File-Sharing, especially UPLOADING within file-sharing, is forbidden in Germany. We save connection data as of German law, and have to pass this on to the government if they ask for it. This is why we recommend sites such as NAPSTER. It is a completely legal source for downloading musik, works very well and is not overly expensive.

How do I test if my connection by LAN or WLAN is working?

If it works, you will be assigned an IP address. Just test if you have been assigned an IP-address (such as 192.168.1??.???).
However: if you see the number 169.XXX, you have not yet established a connection! Our IP-addresses all start with 192.168.