Our terms of admission

We admit:

Students of any of Munich's universities
(especailly LMU, TUM and FH),
that are less than 27 years old.

  • One of Munich's universities
    for example TU, FH, LMU, Musikhochschule or
    private Hochschulen: Only Bachelor- and Master-degrees
  • Maximum 27 years old
  • Student ID is max. 6 months old

Please note: no DAAD Students. You will find further information if you ask the DAAD, since they are not willing to recognize our forms and papers.

You need:

  1. A student ID of one of Munich's universities
  2. Your passport
If you do not have a student ID:

This is usually not a big deal, since the student ID does not have to be shown when you book the apartment, but only when you move in. So you can book an apartment if you do not have your student ID yet, as long as you are sure that you will have the ID or a similar document by the time you move in.

The contract is always only given for one semester at a time. Extending your contract is usually possible as long as you are still a student of the university, but you have to extend your contract on time (90 days before your current contract runs out). Please note that there are currently changes in the schooling system of Germany being made, so we might have to change this policy due to higher demand.

If you are taking part in a work-experience or are a diplomand

Interns and diplomands that are studying at any university (even if this university is not in Germany), and are currently in Munich for a work-experience as a part of their degree are welcome. The maximum stay for interns is 8 months, and they have to be 30 years or younger.

  • Universities around the world (including a German "Fachhochschule")
  • Max. 30 years old
  • Work-experience or dissertation in Munich or the surrounding area
You will need:
  1. a student ID of your university, at least of the last semester
  2. a contract for a work-experience or dissertaition, or anything similar provided by a company in Munich
  3. passport