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What does the room cost all together?

All our rooms and flats are rented WARM, i.e. incl. service charges for one person. So you don't have to expect any nasty surprises. The only thing that is added to the room price is the one-time reservation fee regardless of how long you rent the room, and electricity according to consumption.


We reckon with electricity costs of 20-45 euros per month, depending on how economical you are - and on the size of the flat.
Attention: NEW: From now on, all new contracts will be offered incl. internet flat rate.

What does the reservation cost?

Basically, you only pay if you receive a service. If a reservation is not possible, then you pay nothing!

There are 2 types of reservation.

  • The non-binding reservation
    . costs between 10 and 20 euros. There are no further costs for you in any case. You secure a certain room or apartment for a certain flat for a certain period of time. If you do not make a binding reservation within this time, then the reservation is simply cancelled. That's it..., no further costs!
  • The binding reservation
    With the binding reservation a rental contract is concluded. The reservation is also binding according to Distance Delivery Act binding, among other things because the accommodation is at a specific time. A binding reservation costs 250'¬ reservation fee. This will be debited with the reservation. Further costs do not arise at the time of reservation. Please note, however, that according to the rental contract you have to pay a deposit when moving in. (which you will receive back at the end of the rental period, as is usual with deposits), and during your rental period the rent is to be paid monthly on the 3rd of the month at the latest.

The reservation fee can be paid by direct debit from a SEPA account, or it can be paid by Paypal (including credit card)


Internet. How much does it cost?

The rooms and apartments are basically all equipped with internet. All rental contracts have an internet flat rate. Consumption is not charged extra. But: Depending on usage, you are divided into 7 different priority classes. If the average internet consumption is higher than 13 times the average consumption of all students - you are in the worst priority. in the worst priority. But to manage this with legal activities is almost impossible! Those who use internet normally have great speeds.