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Der Akademiker - Bar - Club - Bistro in the student residence Clemensstr. 118 in Schwabing.

Der Akademiker, Club, München Schwabing
Der Akademiker, Club, München Schwabing
Der Akademiker, Club, München Schwabing

Just for you students

Just for you students, we have created the ”Akademiker” in the heart of Munich. Inexpensive food and a sociable atmosphere - as usual in a student residence. Even if you come alone... as long as you are under 30 and a student, you will feel at home in the Akademiker. feel comfortable.
In the student residence at Clemensstr. 118, 200 metres from the Hohenzollernplatz underground stop you can get delicious long drinks (at happy hour Wed-Sat 18:30-20:00 even for 2 euros) and stone-baked pizza from 3.80 euros.

Club Schwabing, Gemütlich
Happy Hour

At Happy Hour Wednesday-Saturday from 18:30 - 20:00 you can get any beer or soft drink for only 1,- Euro.
Unfortunately, there is no happy hour on Schnitzel Day on Tuesdays!

Always there for you

The Akademiker is in what is probably the most modern student residence in Munich. In a prime location in Schwabing, we set standards in all directions. Rooms with glass and granite, a bus system etc. are the technical part. The academic part is even more important. No more sitting alone in front of the PC! How boring! In the Akademiker you can go out cheaply, and you immediately find connections with like-minded people - students and female students. And at the bar, the atmosphere is just studenty!

Great atmosphere. Young, open and “academic”


From 6:30pm to 8pm it's happy hour. Beer and soft drinks are then only 1,-. Delicious daily specials and the pizzas are a hit. Real stone-baked pizza tastes divine from 3.80!

Don't let the entrance scare you!

Once you have left the entrance area behind you, you will be amazed. The ground floor of Clemensstr. 118 is top modern and stylishly furnished. We have a high-quality music system and HD flatscreen with 3D SAT and Entertain as well as the finest technical equipment. Our kitchen meets the latest standards and we serve food of the highest quality.


The orientation of the “academic” is explained in a few words:

  • More affordable than a classic restaurant,
    we are a meeting place for students only -
    . we are not for profit and do not have to pay rent
  • .
  • A meeting place for you,
    So you have a platform to let off steam.
    Because: There are like-minded people here - don't just sit in your room in the evening!
    Your smartphone has a break - at Akademiker you can experience a lot of positive things
  • .
  • Orderly restaurant quality
    The technical equipment is excellent - and Manfred is a professional chef
  • .
  • As residents of our houses you can watch TV, play cards... without consuming. Only: Bringing food or drinks is not allowed. The reason is quickly explained. To make sure that the quality is right and that you enjoy coming to the the next time you come to the Akademiker, our chef gets a commission. And it is unfair to him to take advantage of the open system.

Schnitzel Day?

Tuesdays are schnitzel day. Reservations strongly recommended.

Otherwise, there are pizzas from our stone oven that taste really great and are very reasonably priced.

Long drinks, simply delicious and at student prices from 2 euros.

Fresh daily specials, or our weekly menu bring variety at a fair price.



Try it out. By the way, our chef speaks English and German
. Also tell him if you have any requests.

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday from 18:00 - OPEN END
Mondays, Sundays and public holidays: Closed.

With this in mind - enjoy!