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About us

Studentenwohnheime-muc.de/en/ is the homepage for the student homes in Emanulestr. 18, Clemensstr. 118 and Clemensstr. 127, and the Gabelsberger Str. 91. All student homes are located in central Munich and close to the universities. The student homes are run by Oliver and Ina Fendt together with a team of several janitors.

The student home in Clemensstr. 127

The student home in the Clemensstr. 127 is a historic building in Schwabing, around 200 meter away from the Hohenzollernplatz. It contains 30 apartments, most of them already renovated. Each of them is equipped with its own bathroom and kitchen with a fridge. Each apartment is about 15 - 25 square meters large.
The building is not symmetrical, and each floor is a little different. A new addition to our website are the 3D models of our apartments which you can look at while booking. All apartments are equipped with a telephone with modern Voice over IP, and internet by Wireless LAN. It is direclty opposite to our new house in the Clemensstr. 118 - it is only around 20 Meters away -, meaning that you can access the new facilities of this building as well, especially the large common rooms, the garden, the canteen and the laundrette.

Studentenwohnheim München Clemensstrasse 127


It is an only building with the typical high and spacious rooms.
The apartments are equipped with their own bathroom. The house is very clean, and smaller (cheaper) apartments are available
As of late you can also use the new facilities of the new Clemensstr. 118, which is only 20 meter from the Clemensstr. 127
It has a very calm and quiet surrounding.


There is little contact with your neighbours
(However, this has improved through the new canteen)

The student home in the Emanuelstr. 18

The building in the Emanuelstr. 18 was built for the purpose of being a student home from the very beginning. It is only about 50 meters away from the Hohenzollernplatz, and is situated in a very quiet road. Through this it has the best location of all student homes. Additionaly, the large garden with space for a barbecue in summer is a plus. It has 55 rooms in total, all of which are furnished and equipped with a sink. There are shared showers, toilets and a kitchen for every hallway. The location is excellent, the house is clean and tidy, and contacts with the other students can be made in the common rooms. You can also walk to our canteen in the Clemensstr. 118, it only takes around 5 minutes.


Excellent location, quiet, large garden
Low priced apartments
Fully furnished
A lot of chance for contact with other students and trainees


Small rooms
No en-suite bathrooms and kitchensd (Kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned twice per week by our staff)
Not always completely quiet - this is a student homes, parties do happen

Studentenwohnheim München Emanuelstrasse 18

The student home in the Emanuelstrasse

Emanuelstrasse (shown: front of the building)
With sofa bed (shown in blue)
Desk and chair
Large closet
Shelf (shown in white)

You can clearly see that the rooms on the left (facing the street) are larger.

The rooms facing the yard are around the same size, but also have access to a balcony or terrace

Studentenwohnheim München Emanuelstrasse 18

Number system:
The rooms to the left (bigger) from bottom to top as shown on the picture:
V101, V102, V103, V104, V105, V106, or, depending on the floor, V201...
The rooms on the right from top to bottom:
V107, V108, V109, V110 or, depending on the floor, V207...V210

Please note: V401 - V410 are smaller, but have their own balconies

The student home in the Gabelsberger Str. 91

This is a relatively small building with only 18 apartments, mostly 1 1/2 rooms, all of them fully furnished and with en-suite bathroom and kitchen with fridge. It has a main building and one in the back, where the apartments in the back building are so-called "Maisonett-Appartments" (ground floor + first floor), and the main building has 3 apartments in every floor. These are 1 1/2 room apartments and 2 1/2 room apartments. It is equipped with the lates technology, such as a bus-system for lights, doorbell and heating and automatic recognition for when you are not home for energy saving purposes. Cat5 cables ensure ethernet and Voice over IP telephones in each room, and the newly renovated bathrooms and rooms look amazing. It is only 200 meters away from the TU university and the FH, making it an excellent location for students. In some of the apartments you can live together with another person for an extra 75€ per month - the apartments are large enough. However, there will be little privacy due to to the layout of the rooms and so this is only interesting for couples. The apartments are not suitable for living with strangers or friends.


Modern infrastructur (Telephone, DSL, Digital-Satellite)
Large apartments
Best location for the TU and FH


Between our 4 student homes, this is the most expensive one

Studentenwohnheim München Gabelsberger Str. 91

The apartments in the front building of the Gabelsberger Strasse:

Red: 2 1/2 room apartment (for example the G21)

Blue (Middle): Large 1 1/2 room apartment (for example the G22)

Green (Left): 1 1/2 room apartmet (for example the G23)

All apartments have their own bathroom and kitchen.

The student home in the Clemensstrasse 118

It is the newest of our 4 buildings. It has 105 apartments, each with their own bathroom and kitchen. It is also equipped with large common rooms and its own canteen. It is the most modern of our houses.


Everything is new, and there is a modern infrastructure
Small, reasonably priced apartments with en-suite bathroom and kitchen
Large common room with a canteen: the "Akademiker"


Small rooms
Not always quiet: this is a student home, there might be parties

Studentenwohnheim München Typische Aufteilung

Clemensstr. 118, Here: B19
A typical apartment of the Clemensstr. 118 in birds-eye view
Top left: the bathroom with a lot of granite, mirror, and glass. The bed, desk, designer-chair and desk-lamp. The shelf, closet and kitchen with Ceran (glass) cooktop.

Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 118 Übersicht

The student home in the Clemensstrasse 118

The Clemensstr. 118 as seem from birds-eye view.

Bäder mir Glas und Granit

All apartements are equipped with excellent bathrooms with granite. The standard apartments except for those in the very top floor (5th floor) have modern milkglass walls for the bathroom.

What are the student homes equipped with?

An apartment almost always includes:

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

A bed (90x200 cm) with Grosana-slatted-frames and Grosanna mattress, 1 desk, at least 1 chair (depending on the size of the apartment), and a large closet (usually PAX 100cm wide). Here: Clemensstrasse 127, C12

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

All rooms have their own fridge, the apartments with kitchen have two cooktops. All rooms also have telephone and internet (WLAN or LAN - depending on the room).

Depending on the building and apartment, the apartments may also be equipped with a small kitchen, dining table and other extras.

Ausstattung der Wohnheime

Here: One of our rooms in the Emanuelstrasse: R14

Not provided in the rooms: All hygienic articles such as towels, places, pots, duvets, ...

All inclusive!

We are sometimes asked why our rooms are "so expensive". The answer is simple:
  • All buildings are situated in Munich's best locations. Of course a room in the Hasenbergl or in Pasing are cheaper than those located in the centre of Schwabing.
  • Our student homes are considerably cleaner and better kept than others you may find - and if you have problems you can report them easily through our website. A message will reach our janitors immediately.
  • NO hidden costs. You will move into a furnished apartment, are provided with telephone, electricity, and internet and do not have to take care of anything. Also: No matter whether the room has 10 square meters or 50 square meters, a lot of costs are always the same: waste and warm water for example will not get cheaper just because the room is smaller. That is way, in relation to each other, a room will always get cheaper the bigger it gets.
  • NO deductions from your security deposit, unless in 2 cases: 1) If the room is not cleaned properly after you moved out. These costs are usually not too high! 2) If you treated the apartment so bad, that it is far from normal wear and tear. Otherwise there will be NO deduction of the security deposit, no provision, nothing. So you will always know in advance how much money you will spend.

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