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250 furnished rooms and apartments to be booked online
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250 Furnished rooms and apartments in the "Studentenwohnheim München".

250 cheap furnished rooms and apartments just for students. Online booking available For studies, work-experience and degree dissertation. In Munichs best locations.

Over 250 modern apartments, backed up with years of experience. Clean and regularly renovated. Our online system makes booking possible all around the world.

You need a place to stay during your studies? You need something uncomplicated?

With telephone und high-speed-DSL via (W)LAN - with flatrate, electricity and everything you need - without thousands of documents. In the centre of Schwabing and in the middle of Munich's universities - but to the price of a student hostel.
Then this is the perfect place for you! However, make sure to read
our terms of admission.

Der Akademiker im Studentenwohnheim Schwabing

In the centre of Schwabing and in the middle of Munich's universities.
Together with lots of other students just like you.

The houses in Clemensstrasse 118, Clemensstrasse 127, Emanuelstrasse 18 und Gabelsbergerstr. 91 are located in the centre of Munich and in the best parts of the university neighbourhood.

Even if your stay in Munich is short, in the "Studentenwohnheime München" you will find friends immediately. We rent solely to students who are no older than 30 - to guarantee the perfect atmosphere for you! In our own Club we offer everything a student can wish for: Football, Cocktails and warm food - every Tuesday to Saturday.

About us

Founded in 1996, the student homes in Munich Schwabing are specialised for trainees, diplomats, etc. We realize that it is not easy to find a good accommodation for just a few months. A hotel is too expensive, and legal apartments for a short period of time are scarce. Booking an apartment that is rented out without a licence can make a lot of trouble. This is what the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" wrote about us.

Our strength: non-bureaucratic and flexible.

Our houses are always clean and are renovated constantly. The rooms and apartments are in a good condition both technically and optically - and they all have a telephone (analogue with VoIP) and internet via LAN and WLAN. Through this you can move into one of our 250 apartments without having to worry about electricity or telephone.

A client about us:

“Hello Anna, try https://studentenwohnheime-muc.de/. I lived in one of their 3 houses during my work-experience in Munich. Advantages:
+ great location in Schwabing and close to the U2
+ no additional work after the online booking, very non-bureaucratic
+ individually furnished apartments depending on the category
+ only students/trainees in the houses
+ WLAN available everywhere in the houses
- relatively expensive (430 EUR for a 1 room apartment)
- in some parts the furnishing is only the absolute basics

I was pretty happy with it and did not find any hidden “surprises".

Good luck, Clemens” Original: http://www.squeaker.net/sqn/board.php?id=12&g_id=&cmd=d&o_id=20430&ai=96

Clemensstr. 118

Hausaplus The student home in Clemensstr. 118 is probably one of the world's most modern. Through its 20cm thick exterior insulation, 3-pane windows and controlled ventilation it is extremely energy sufficient. We did not save money on the inside of the rooms either. With its bus-system, double Cat6-wiring in each apartment and hygienic facilities through glass and granite, each apartment uses only high-class materials. The Bistro is equipped with its own stone oven for fresh Pizza. Further information  about the “student home” Clemensstr. 118

Studentenwohnheim Bad Clemensstr. 127, München Schwabing C33
The bathroom of C33, student home Clemensstr. 127
Küche im Studentenwohnheim Gabelsbergerstr. 91
Gabelsbergerstr. 91, back premise G97
Zimmer im Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 127, C02
Clemensstr. 127, C02
Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 127, Richtung Küche, Bad
Clemensstr. 127, C02 in the direction of the bathroom/kitchen
Studentenwohnheim München Clemensstr. 118
Studentent home in the Clemensstr. 118
Bad im Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 118, mit Glas und Granit
The bathroom in the apartments of the Clemensstr. 118, with glass and granite
Studentenwohnheim Clemensstr. 188, richtung Bad, Küche
Clemensstr. 188, in the direction of the bathroom/kitchen
Studentenwohnheim Emanuelstr. 18, Garten
Emanuelstr. 18, garden