What is the total cost of one of our apartments?

All our rooms and apartments are rented out including warm water, heating, and waste-disposal for one person. This means you do do not have to fear any umpleasant surprises regarding the costs. The only other costs except for the rent are the reservation-fee, electricity and the telephone bill.

The average electricity cost is 15-35 Euros per month, depending on how much you use and the size or your apartment.
All our contracts include an internet flatrate.

What is the reservation-fee?

You only have to pay if you really get the service: if a reservation is not possible, you do not have to pay.

There are two kinds of reservations.

  • The nonbinding reservation
    This costs between 10 and 20 Euros. There will be no extra costs under any circumstances. Through this you reserve a room or apartment for a certain period of time. If you do not make a binding contract within the given period of time, your reservation will be cancelled, so if you decide against taking the apartment there is nothing more you have to do.
  • The binding reservation
    By booking the apartment this way, a binding contract will be made. The booking is binding by law. A binding reservation costs 200€, which will be taken from your account the moment you make this type of reservation. At the time of reservation, other costs will not be charged. However, please remember that you have to pay a security deposit when moving into the apartment, and that you have to pay the rent no later than the third day of every month you live in the apartment. If there is no damage to the apartment, the security deposit will be given back to you as you move out.

You can pay the reservation-fee from a SEPA account or by Paypal (including credit card).

Telephone and internet. What does it cost?

The rooms and apartments are all equipped with telephone and internet. Almost all telephones use Grandstream VoIP Gateways.

All contracts include an internet-flatrate. This means that using the internet does not generate any extra costs.

This is how the telephone works:
Incoming calls never cost anything.
Calling a phone within Germany (not mobile phones) costs 1 Cent per minute.