Student homes Munich. For work experience, degree dissertation, and studies:


How does it all work?

We are in charge of 4 student homes in the best and most central locations of Munich. We give our apartments only to students, especially those involved in work experience, degree dissertation, and studies. This means that we try to accomodate you even on short notice. Especially in Munich it is difficult to find a short-term contract for just a few months, and hotels are generally too expensive. We try to help.

This is how it works:

The reservation:

Renting an apartment is relatively simple : the apartments can be booked online 80 days before you want to move in. Why only 80 days before? That's so that we can offer more flexibility to those currently living in our apartments. Through this, our current tenants can easily extend or shorten their contract until 80 days before their contract runs out.

We work on a first come, first served basis. Whoever books an apartment first receives it. This means that in popular months some rooms are already taken a minute after midnight. Of course, the most popular apartments will be booked first. Please remember that there may be a time difference between your country and Germany! However, even if you were not the fastest, there might still be a chance for you: some rooms are booked in a nonbinding contract, meaning that some of these contracts are cancelled again on a short notice and giving you a chance to still snatch your dream apartment. It is thus always a good idea to check our website regularly to see if an apartment was made available again.

There are two ways to book our apartments:

  • The nonbinding reservation
    You can book our apartments using a nonbinding reservation. By making a nonbinding reservation you can reserve a room or apartment for a certain period of time, giving you the chance to check if you really want this apartment. The prices for this way of booking are shown in the table below. For example, up to 50 days before you plan to move in this reservation costs 10€ for every 10 days. When the apartment is booked in this way, it will show as an orange "MAYBE" on our website. Once you decide to definitely take this apartment, you can make a binding contract. To make sure that no other person can book the apartment, the computer will check your phone number again when making the binding contract, so make sure you use the exact same phone number!
    There will be no further costs for booking the apartment in this way under any circumstances. If you do not make a binding contract within the given period of time, your reservation will be cancelled, so if you decide against taking the apartment there is nothing more you have to do. If you do decide to take the apartment, please remember to make a binding contract in time before the nonbinding reservation runs out!
  • The binding reservation
    By booking the apartment this way, a binding contract will be made. The booking is binding by law. A binding reservation costs 200€, which will be taken from your account the moment you make this type of reservation. At the time of reservation, other costs will not be charged. However, please remember that you have to pay a security deposit when moving into the apartment, and that you have to pay the rent no later than the third day of every month you live in the apartment. If there is no damage to the apartment, the security deposit will be given back to you as you move out. If you are not yet sure if you want to rent the apartment, please do not make a binding reservation! In this situation, making a nonbinding reservation will most likely be the better choice.
How do I turn a nonbinding reservation into a binding one?
When making a nonbinding reservation you have to give us your phone number. This number is the key to the binding reservation, so please remember the phone number you used.
Just click on the apartment you have already reserved using a nonbinding reservation and make a binding reservation using the EXACT same phone number. It is the same process as if you reserved the same apartment again. Please be aware that blank spaces and special characters are compared to the original nonbinding reservation. For example, 089 89520900 is different from (089) 895 209 00. If the phone number is the same as on the nonbinding reservation, the system will accept the binding reservation. If it is not the same, you will receive an error message telling you that someone else has already reserved this apartment.

Moving in

After having made a binding internet reservation or a lease contract, please call us using either the phone number 0049-89-30623-1111 one or two days before you move in. This is to agree on an appointment for handing over the keys and the apartment. You can find more phone numbers on your contract or your confirmation of reservation. Usually you will move in on the first day of the month, and moving in before this day is not possible in the majority of cases. If necessary you might have to speak to the person who lived in the apartment before you to find out when he or she will move out, and even then moving in earlier is only possible if the apartment does not have to be renovated before you move in.

What do I have to bring?

You will have to bring sanitary articles, especailly duvet and bedding, towels and tableware and cutlery yourself. Additionaly, do not forget toilet paper, soap and other necessities for the first few days.
The rooms are furnished with a bed of 90x200 cm (or in some cases a sofa bed of 140x200 cm) with a mattress, a chair, table, closet, lamp, and a fridge with a small freezer. Internet by LAN means that you have to bring your own ethernet-cable. There is a telephone in your room.
We also provide curtains or similar appliances such as blinds.

The handover
We will only hand over the room AFTER PAYMENT OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT. If you want to pay through bank transfer, please make sure to bring a stamped receipt of your bank proving that you have paid, since it can take up to two weeks until we receive the money. You can pay the security deposity in cash on the day of the handover. If you choose this option, You will receive a receipt after payment of the deposit. Make sure that you keep this receipt! If you did not already send us a copy of your student ID by fax or email (for example while making the internet reservation), you also have to bring your student ID. We also require you to show us your letter of admission or contract of work (for example when doing a work experience). We can only give you the key to your apartment once we have seen these documents!

In case of defects
It is in your own interest that you should report any defects or shortcomings of the apartments as soon as possible. It is much more credible that the defect was already in the room when you moved in if you report it in the first two weeks that if you report it when moving out. Things that happen naturally when using an appliance, such as a small stain on the wall or scratch on the floor do not have to be reported. These things are normal, and we will repair it when you move out without using your security deposit. However, in your own interest you should report it if you find a defect such as, for example, a crack in your window or a broken shelf. Of course, you should also report something that has to be fixed, such as a broken light.
It is best to report defects through our  website

What the room looks like when you move in:
We try our best to check all the rooms before you move in, and to do the necessary renovations. However, depending on how the person who lived in your room before you treated it, there may be (in exremely rare cases!) problems with finishing in time. If this is the case, we will try to find a solution together with you. Often this solution means that we will give you a different, clean room to move into.

Regarding telephone, internet and television

TV: Munich switched to DVB-T, meaning that a normal, old television will not work. You will need a decoder and an antenna for it, which you can buy for less than 100€. They are also available for your PC or laptop. You can also get a DVB-T USB Stick for around 30€. DVB-T has several advantages, and currently all of Germany is switching to DVB-T. This means that you can still use your DVB-T-card and antenna elsewhere in Germany.The houses in Gabelsbergerstr. and Clemensstr. 118 also haveDVB-S (SATELITE), which requires a DVB-S receiver.

Telephone and internet:
All our apartments are equipped with telephone and internet, but to access this, you have to sign in. You can find the information required to do this in your contract. If you make a phone call to anywhere outside of Germany, you will received a detailed bill. If you do not use your phone, we will not charge you.

Important things to consider
The different houses we offer are equiped differently. However there are general "rules" about the technical equippment:

Telephone: You always have to use a country code before the phone number when calling to a different country. You also always have to use the full phone number.
Your phone number is +49-89-30623-XXXX, depending on your room. Here, +49 is the country code for Germany, and can also be dialed as 0049. You can find out the last four numbers (marked here as XXXX) by dialing 9300# from your phone.

Internet is available in all houses through LocalAeraNetwork or Wireless-LAN. Since the connection is not equally good in all rooms, especially in those facing the street, we provide Ethernet-Cable service in these rooms. You can recognize these rooms through the text "LAN" instead of "WLAN" when you reserve the room. You may be lucky and receiveinternet via WLAN anyway, but we cannot guarantee for the quality of this connection. This means that you should definitely bring an Ethernet-Cable when moving in.

Internet by W-Lan: (You will need a Standard-WLAN Adapter)
By now we have Roaming-Capable access-points with 2,4 GHz almost everywhere. These send with 2 SSID: STUDENTENWOHNHEIME-MUC (unlocked) and SMUC (locked), the second of these being a little more complicated to set up. The password here is "akademiker". Often we also have a little faster, but not Roaming-capable access-points under STUDENT... that are capable of sending 5GHz. Using it is relatively simple: connect to our access points by WLAN or use a cable (CAT5) that you plug into the network box in your apartment. Then you access any website (for example and you will see our login website instead. Here you have to enter your VPN-number (for example VPN1234) and your password (for example 1234) and click SEND. At this point you will either see an error message, because your browser noticed, that we are trying to send you to a different website, or you will see a message saying that you have successfully logged on. This depends on your browser settings, and both indicate that you can now use the internet. If you see out login page again this means that you enterend either the VPN-number or your password incorrectly. PLEASE NOTE: We are adjusting our settings regarding the internet at the moment. You can find more details on these adjustments here.

Internet by cable

In the houses located in the Gabelsberger Strasse, Clemensstr. 118 and the Emanuelstrasse (the rooms on the ground, 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor facing the street and the room numbers starting with V and ending with the numbers 1-6) internet should be accessed by LAN cable. A normal ethernet-adapter, which every computer is usually equipped with, is enough. Sometimes WLAN is available as well, but it is not supported by us and we do not guarantee for the quality.

You will find instructions regarding the internet here

In Munich litter is sorted by different categories. Please make sure you separate your waste accordingly.
- Cardboard boxes used when moving in and out of the apartment will be brought to special containers in the city. (Look for the German label "Karton")
- Small quantities of paper can be put into the BLUE bins. (Look for the German label "Papier")
- Glass is brought to special containers in the city. (Look for the German label "Glas")
- Organic waste (salad and fruits but NO MEAT!) is put into the BROWN bins. (Look for the German label "Biomüll")
- NON-RECYCLABLE WASTE (no bottles, no paper!) is put into the grey/black bins. (Look for the German label "Restmüll")

The technology:
The houses located in the Clemensstr. 118 and Gabelsbergerstr. a technological bus-system is in place.
At first, this system just looks like an elaborate light switch.
With this, you can not only control the lights in your appartment, but also the temperauture. Additionaly, it is equipped with an integrated fire alarm: you will hear the alarm through the bus-system. It can also recognize fire on its own.
When you are absent, the bus-system switches to "eco-mode", in which the temperature is decreased and unnecessary electrical devices will be switched off.
What does this system do?

Visitors: you have to register visitors to your apartment that stay overnight! This is a simple procedure, and is best done through our website. We will not ask questions and you do not have to give reasons, but you do have to register the visitor!

Also make sure to read the general rules of conduct

Cancelling the contract:

This has to be done through registered mail or throough our website. You still have to pay your rent even after cancelling the contract, and the rent cannot be paid through the security deposit - this will be punished by a 15€ fine! If you want to cancel your contract ealier please not that this is not a problem as long as it is done up to 80 days in advance. You can usually be released from the contract relatively fast, since our system will put your room online immediately for other people to rent the apartment instead. However, this does not work over Christmas, since very few people are searching for an apartment between the 15th of December and the 15th of January. Additionaly this only works if your room has not been booked already: if you cancel your contract less than 80 days before it ends anyway, this is most likely going to be the case. If your room is already booked, please call us: we can often find a solution by switching rooms. Subtenancy, by giving your apartment to someone else and getting money from them without telling us, is absolutely forbidden!

Extending your contract:

You can usually prolong your contract by contacting us between 90 and 81 days before your original contract runs out. This is possible if you have paid all your rent and if you still satisfy the terms of admission. You can extend your contract ONLINE using our system. If your room is already booked by someone else because you apply too late (after 80 days before your contract runs out), please call us. There is still a chance that we can switch apartments and still make an extension of your contract possible.
However, please note that we try to offer short-term and short-notice service especially for students and those doing a work-experience. This means that our system depends on rotations: people stay for short periods of time and then leave again, making room for new people to move in. In ordder to guarantee that new spaces open every month for new people to find an apartment, we can only offer to extend your contract under expensive conditions. Extending your contract will especially be expensive when prolonging your stay the second time.
Our tip:
You can easily cancel your apartment 82 or more days before your contract runs out. It will be put back onto our website for others to book the moment you cancel your contract, and the moment someone else rents your apartment your are released from your contract. From experience we can say that except in the time around around Christmas (15th December to 15th January) your apartment will be booked by someone else within only a few days after you try to cancel your contract. This means that in our experience it is better to make a longer contract at the beginning and then cancel it if needed than to make a short contract and then try to extend it.

Moving out:

When moving out please clean your apartment THOROUGHLY to avoid money being taken from your security deposit. We will especially look at the sink, mirror and cabinet in the bathroom and, if existing, the kitchen. However, also make sure to clean the floor and wash your duvet cover or sofa cover. This is easily done by washing it at 30 degrees Celcius at the setting "Schongang" in the launderette (you will need a large washing machine). If your room is already equipped with the new "Grosanna" bed, you can also wash the cover in a normal washing machine. However please make sure to split the cover into its two parts, otherwise it will get stained. If this happens we will have to bring the covers to a dry-cleaner, and this will kost you 20€.

Getting back the security deposit: We will need about 5 to 6 weeks before we can give the security deposit back to you. After this time you will be given a cheque or we will put the money on your bank account, and you will receive a receipt by mail or email. You can speed up this process by doing the moving in- and moving out- protocoll on your own on our website. The costs for electricity and telephone (if applicable) of the last month will be taken from your security deposit. This also speed up the process since we do not have to wait until you sent the money to our bank account.

If something doesn't work as it should
We want you to be happy. If you are not satisfied with something please tell us. Your feedback is the only opportunity for us to enhance the quality of our student homes. What is the best way for your to give us feedback?

- Technical problems regarding the internet: please call the internal phone number 9999 (without a 0 at the beginning) from the phone in your apartment. You can usually reach us on this number from 8:00 until 22:00 o'clock on weekdays.
- Urgent technical problems regarding water, electricity or heating:
You can reach our janitor through the numbers 0049-89-30623-1111.
- Small problems can be addressed here.
- If you are not satisfied with the way that finances are handled or with our staff, or if you have questions regarding the administration and management, please call the phone number 089-30623-0 on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9:30 and 11:00. If your case is especially urgent, you can also call at other times by letting the system transfer you to one of our mobile phones. However, this is only meant for EXTREMELY urgent cases!